Carrie Prejean Speaks Out Over Losing Miss California Title, Says Lawyers ‘Looking Into' Comments From Pageant Director

Carrie Prejean has said her legal team are looking into comments made by Miss California USA Executive Director Keith Lewis after she was fired by the organization on Wednesday.

During an appearance on "The Sean Hannity Show" on Fox News Channel on Thursday evening, host Sean Hannity asked Prejean if she planned to take legal action against Lewis, as earlier in the day her lawyer released a statement calling the director's recent comments in the media about the beauty queen, "bordering on slander."

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"I'm not sure. That's definitely something that my lawyers are looking into," Prejean said.

During the interview, Prejean once again said she believes her answer to a question about gay marriage from Perez Hilton at the Miss USA competition in April (Prejean said she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman) is behind her dethronement, something she told Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and "The Billy Bush Show" on Wednesday. But during her appearance on Hannity's program, Prejean also claimed Lewis had an "agenda."

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"I think Keith Lewis, from day 1, has had his own personal agenda, and… it's been very hard to deal with that… Since the moment that I gave my answer he has not supported me," she said. "He actually came out with a statement saying he's deeply saddened and hurt that I gave the answer that I did and [he] reached out to Perez Hilton and apologized on my behalf. So from that moment on… this is why we're dealing with me being dethroned."

While Prejean put blame on Lewis, Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe Organization and supported her dethronement, escaped chastisement.

"I think that he is caught in the middle… He is a very brilliant man and I respect his decision and I know that it was either me or Keith and I think that it came down to me going," Prejean said. "I'll always respect Donald Trump's decision and I admire him greatly."


Although Lewis claimed in a statement released on Wednesday that Prejean lost her crown due to "contract violations," the 22-year-old maintained that she fulfilled her obligations as Miss California following a May media event when Trump allowed her to keep her crown in the wake of a semi-nude photo scandal.

"I have not violated my contract. In fact, I have worked so hard since the press conference and I thank Donald Trump so much for all that he's done for me," she said. "I have followed the contract to the T and done everything possible to cooperate with the circumstances that I was under."

Prejean said despite the accusations and rumors that have flown about in the press since the story broke, she believes losing her crown comes down to one issue – her Miss USA competition answer.

"This has nothing to do with me against any particular group or this has nothing to do with me hating gays or whatever… Bottom line, I answered a question at a beauty contest and now I'm being punished, I'm being dethroned because of the answer that I gave," she said.

As for Lewis, he previously told Access that the decision regarding Prejean's dethronement came after weeks of struggle, and was related to her not fulfilling contract obligations.

"She directly said I'm not going to follow what you tell me, I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm not going to listen to you, I'll make my own decisions," Lewis claimed. "That's not what someone says to someone they want to work with. It's what someone says to somebody when they're done working with them… This decision was difficult, but it was made with many, many things that lead up to it… She's a beautiful young woman, we wish her all the luck in the world."

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