Carla Hall Wins Elimination Challenge

Scoring another win for the District, local chef Carla Hall won a fierce double elimination challenge on last night's episode of Top Chef All-Stars. In a fish-themed contest that sent Boston's Tiffani Faison and San Francisco's Jamie Lauren packing, Hall, who is the executive chef at Alchemy Caterers, whipped up a sumptuous bluefish lettuce wrap. At Judge's Table, hard-to-please head judge Tom Colicchio called the dish "brilliant", and Hall was awarded her second elimination challenge win of the season.

Over on Twitter, the always-gracious Hall thanked supporters and received a congratulatory tweet from D.C. buddy and fellow cheftestant Mike Isabella (as well as many fans who were giddily hashtagging her "hootie hoo" catchphrase.)

Watch exit interviews with eliminated chefs Lauren and Faison over at

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