‘Campaign Cocktail' on Election Night?

Election night happy hour offers presidential campaign cocktails

On Nov. 4, there’s an important vote.

You may be thinking of the presidential election, but this election is at Topaz Bar.

Close to the Capitol, Topaz has been offering their 2008 Campaign Cocktail Menu since Super Tuesday, which includes drinks such as a Double-Down Donkey, an All-In Elephant, an Independent Player, or an Undecided. The bar has kept a running tally of which “party” is ahead. A week before the presidential election, the Double-Down Donkey was in the lead, with 75 percent of cocktail sales. On Tuesday, the “cocktail-elect” will be determined.

On election night, election cocktails will be available until 2 a.m. along with running mate appetizers, which include Palin Picks’ fish and chips or Biden Bites’ spring rolls. All cocktails are $5.

Throughout the night, real presidential election coverage will be shown on the bar’s flat panel television.

Topaz Bar located at 1733 N Street NW.

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