How Bazaar: Boys Take Over Ladies Night at L2

Wednesday night's LDC Spring Fling was a chance for DC's fab females to do what they love best, sip and shop, at Georgetown's L2 Lounge. It also proved a point: where the beauties go, the boys will follow.

Ladies of DC -- or LDC -- members who helped to organize a shopping bazaar anticipated the lounge full of women who "usually attend the group's events to network for business and social fun."

But they were admittedly surprised to see such a showing of men. Allison "Queen Bee" Brooks, one of the LDC member vendors with a Spring Fling booth, looked forward to selling her signature jewelry pieces to her female friends, but a gift-giving guy was actually her first customer.

"Socializing and shopping are fun things to do together," she said. "Tonight is a great chance to meet and mingle." It was also an environment with eye candy for everyone.

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