Bo Obama Ignores Half-Sister In Michigan

First pooch sends the wrong message by neglecting less-famous relative

The First Family's new Portuguese water dog has enjoyed a life a privilege: Bred at a swank Texas kennel, he lived in Washington, D.C. with his first owner until the famous and wealthy politician Ted Kennedy took charge of him and gave him to another famous and wealthy politician, Barack Obama. The pooch enjoyed top-tier training and now basks in the glow of an adoring press that's too taken with this handsome young celebrity to ask the tough questions.

Questions like: Why does Bo Obama refuse to acknowledge his poor neglected half-sister, living with a bunch of nobodies up in Michigan?

After discovering that Ruby and Bo have the same father -- Valkyrie’s Dr. Watson Is Here -- [owner Julie] Quanrud received about 20 e-mails Tuesday afternoon from fellow members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of the Twin Cities who saw reports of the presidential pooch and knew Ruby’s lineage.

“To think that this dog is lying on the carpet in the White House right now, and we’re sitting here with his sister, is pretty wild,” Quanrud said.

Pretty wild, indeed! In fact, it is outrageous -- some might say an outrage -- that one creature might enjoy lavish fame and comfort while the many other offspring of his charismatic and fecund father scatter to the winds and languish in complete obscurity, like regular people. Does Bo Obama care nothing for his half-brothers and sisters, many of whom he has never met?

And if he neglects and ignores them, what does that really say about his character? Is this really the right dog to serve as a role model to a generation of household pets?

In America, family is supposed to mean something. How can the First Dog of the United States live with the hypocrisy and shame?

Canine psychologist Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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