Blago's Facebook Frenemies

Want to vent about Blagojevich? Groups forming online now

It's not exactly villagers with torches rampaging through the North Side on their way to the governor's house, but the good folks with Facebook are nonetheless seeking their revenge on Rod Blagojevich.

You now have a multitude of groups to choose from to vent your spleen or just seek solace from others at our sad state of affairs.

Group: Citizens of Illinois Against Rod Blagojevich
Members:  4,574
Quote: "This (expletive) makes George Ryan look almost honorable."

Group: Impeach Gov. Blagojevich
Members: 2,220
Quote: Blago is called both "Mr. Smoothavich" and "Pepe Le Pewavich."

Group: Rod Blagojevich: RESIGN!
Members: 1,711
Quote: A group member identifying himself as "Rod Blagojevich" says "Friends! You are just buying into the liberal media elite!"

Group: Petition To Remove Governor Blagojevich From Office
Members: 1,437
Quote: "Reasons being dereliction of duty."

Fan Page: The Arrest of Rod Blagojevich
Fans: 518
Quote: "I'm a little disappointed I will no longer be able to offer the governor $5 and a candy bar for a Senate seat."

Group: Rod Blagojevich for President, 2016
Members: 316
Quote: "Re-making our image, the 8-year plan."

Meanwhile, a page identified as that of Rod Blagojevich's (with 1,625 members) has been disactivated. But in the cached version (thank you, Google!) you can note that the governor (or someone on his behalf) listed his favorite quotation as "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," which clearly meant, "you pat my back and I'll pat yours," and his job description as "Getting things done for people." In an apparent typographical error, the end of that one was left off: " . . . for a price."

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