Best in Show: D.C. Edition

Because You Already Know Your Dog Is Totally the Best

Do you think your dog gives the best canine kisses, or has the the waggliest tail, or is just the cutest darn dog in the world?

Well, of course you do. And now you can enter your pooch in the Pride of Pets Dog Show in Dupont Circle this Saturday to vie for Best in Show. This top prize is a people's choice award. And there are 15 other 'best' and 'most' categories in which your dog can show off his or her stuff. 

The standard categories include Terrific Pet Tricks and Best Puppy. But for the dogs who don't typically fit in the 'best' mold, there's Best Mirror Image for the dog who most resembles his or her owner, and Most Mysterious Heritage for the lovable dog whose features cross so many breed characteristics that it's hard to tell who the mom and dad might be. Westminster purebreeds need not apply.

How about Best Vocal Performance for that dog who can sing like Streisand? And if your dog is just barking up the wrong tree, he or she can always compete for Least Obedient -- no explanation required.

You can register your dog online. It costs $6 per category, or for $25, you can enter your dog in as many categories as you want. Entry fees help support PETS-DC, a nonprofit organization that helps care for companion animals of people with disabling illnesses. 

The Pride of Pets Dog Show is this Saturday, June 26 from 3 to 6 p.m.  

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