Baldwin Wants Michelle Obama On “30 Rock”

Alec Baldwin's "30 Rock" character could soon be getting a hot new love interest - First Lady Michelle Obama.

Baldwin said Thursday he wants Obama to appear on his NBC sitcom "30 Rock" as a potential love interest for his character, Jack Donaghy, the blog reported.

"I would like Michelle Obama on '30 Rock,'" said Baldwin, who plays NBC's executive producer on the show.

Baldwin said he would want his womanizing character to get involved with the First Lady.

"I think my character falls in love with Michelle Obama, of course," he said. "You know, if it doesn't work out with Barack..."

Though the ideal get for the "30 Rock" star would be the President himself, Baldwin said that the First Lady would be an equally great catch because she's rarely on TV.

"The President is on TV all day, every day. So we want to get something different," Baldwin said.

Baldwin's character Donaghy is involved in a tumultuous relationship with Liz Lemon, played by show creator and head writer Tina Fey. He's also had affairs with characters played by guest stars like Salma Hayek, who steamed up the screen with Baldwin last season.

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