“Real Housewives of D.C.” Identified?

Housewives have been cast, and we may or may not know who they are

It's lights, camera, and action for the ... um, "highly anticipated" (yeah, that doesn't sound too insulting) housewives of our nation's capital. And we thought it couldn't get any better.

Bravo has cast five members of D.C.'s social elite for the latest installment of their "Real Housewives" franchise, says D.C. insider Carol Joynt in her New York Social Diary column. Grrrreat, because we really needed more shows about "real" people who happen to be extremely fake. Yay!

Even better, they have quite possibly already begun filming, says the Baltimore Sun. This should dovetail nicely with "Real World D.C.," still shooting in town -- can we expect some "Survivor"-type challenges?

Meet the alleged "Real Housewives of D.C.":

    Mai Abdo: wife of Jim Abdo of Abdo Development, mother of two and firmly on Washingtonian's list of best-dressed women.

    Mary Schmidt Amons: mother of five and founder of the District Sample Sale.

    Lynda Erkiletian: president of one of D.C.'s most prominent modeling agencies. 

    Michaele Salahi: former model and wife of Tareq Salahi, who's president of America's Polo Cup and owner of Oasis Winery

    Lisa Wernick Spies: the reality TV-ambitious wife of Republican fundraiser Charlie Spies.

These five women are the preliminary lineup and some say (some, meaning sources that ARE NOT Carol Joynt, the queen of the Washington D.C. social scene) Republican lobbyist, Edwina Rodgers may be in the final lineup.

From their high-rise apartments to a Missoni fashion faux pas (quelle horreur!), these wives know a thing or two about appearances, so don't be alarmed if you spot a camera crew following a group of impeccably groomed women down Wisconsin Avenue one of these days.

Says Joynt:

My list may not be 100 percent accurate, but as often as I've heard these names, it's gotta be close. Some locals wonder, in a city that is majority African American, is Bravo still looking for the black Washington housewife, or did they all politely say "no, thank you."

These women aren't just run-of-the-mill soon-to-be quasi-celebs, they're wives of the D.C. elite. So to speak. But we're ready for some organic gardening in $500 sneakers. Displays like that always leave us, members of the mere proleteriat, on the edge of our seats, devouring the images of just how recession-proof the Washington elite really are.

Regardless of the final five, we just can't work up much enthusiasm, regardless of their connections or net worth. This is D.C., people. There's not likely to be much cat-fighting/snapping of acrylic nails in such a buttoned-down town.

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