Adams Morgan Taxi Stand Plan: Fail

Blogger goes off

So the new taxi rules are in effect in Adams Morgan.

Taxis aren't supposed to just cruise along 18th Street looking for drunken fools in need of a way home.

There are taxi stands set up at each end of the bar-laden area to cut down on traffic and utter chaos.

But as one local blogger found, the system isn't working as planned.

As a matter of fact, it ain't working at all.

So says why.i.hate.dc:

"If you are going to go to the trouble of making a plan and hiring people, you might want to go ahead and enforce the new rules. Last night there were like fifty people at each taxi stand, waiting for their taxis, but the taxis were picking up fares anywhere that was convenient. Nice work, everyone."

Click here to read on, and watch out for the swearing.

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