$29,000 Wedding Ring Seized in DC Tax Scandal

A $29,000 wedding ring set has been seized in the largest financial corruption scandal in the District's history, the DC Examiner reported.

Harriette Walters, the former D.C. tax office manager and ringleader behind the scheme, and her coworker Kim Fleet, bought the ring prior to law enforcement officials busting the scam.

Fleet visited an Annapolis jewelry store in June 2007 and picked out the diamond engagement ring and wedding band. Walters covered $10,000 of the jewelry and Fleet paid the $19,000 balance according to the DC Examiner.

Most of that money came from D.C. taxpayers, prosecutors said in court documents filed last week.

Walter's involvement in the scandal has been well-documented, however, Fleet's money was tainted as well, the DC Examiner reported. Fleet had been showered with more than $167,000 from Walters, but she has not been charged because there was insufficient evidence that she knew of the scam.

During the past two decades, Walters created fake property tax refund checks and had several co-conspirators cash them. The money was laundered through bank accounts around the world. 

Eleven people have been convicted in the case, and Walters pleaded guilty in September. Since then she has been jailed awaiting sentencing, according to the DC Examiner.

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