‘The Office' Fan Tours in Scranton

Who wouldn't wanna go to Scranton?!

Now's the best time to go, in fact! A tour for diehard fans of “The Office” is this Saturday, March 24 near Scranton. You’ll spend $55 for the four-hour tour and get back a boatload of memories (perhaps a stapler encased in Jell-O, if you're really lucky).

The tour begins at the Scranton Times (149 Penn Ave., Scranton, Penn.) and ends at Poor Richards Pub. You’ll receive lunch and local brews at Cooper’s (yes, Yuengling Lager is included in the ticket price). The tour will make pit stops at The Bog, Paper Magic and the Penn Paper Building among others.

Cue up your Netflix Instant before you go, because your tour guide will be dishing out some “Office” trivia to keep you on your toes. You'll also hear stories from cast appearances.

While on the tour bus, you and other fans will battle for Schrute Bucks, winners will receive a special award after the tour.

Tickets for the under-21 set are $45; over-21 tickets are $55 (since you get those important Pennsylvania brews and all).

Can't make it this Saturday? There are more dates scheduled. Yaaay, Scranton!

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