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Just like in the world of high fashion, home décor trends tend to change. Perhaps not from season to season, but there’s enough fluctuation where certain colors, fabrics and styles can be in one year and out a few years later.

That’s why the furniture and design experts at Hamiltons Sofa & Leather Gallery can be such a valuable resource. By regularly meeting with inspiring designers and industry professionals, Hamiltons’ staff is able to keep on top of the latest trends and bring its clientele modern, design-forward and customizable pieces.

Coffee Table photo shot at High Point Market 2017 by Hamiltons Sofa & Leather Gallery

So what are 2017’s most exciting home décor and design trends?

To find out, Hamiltons furniture buying team member Ashley Fioramonti recently traveled to High Point Market, the world’s biggest home furnishings show. While there, Ashley and her store colleagues met with Hamiltons’ various manufacturers, explored emerging trends with industry leading designers, and shopped for exciting, new living and family room styles for the store's customers.

After spending various days walking the High Point Market showroom floor, Ashley came away with four key trend takeaways for 2017 and beyond:

  1. Colors
    The current big color trends include: (a) blue/green hues and (b) lots of navy or cobalt blues for accent colors. Ashley noted that the previous color trend of teal is still “in” but it seems that those teals are now leaning towards darker hues.

  2. Metal Finishes
    Metal finishes could be seen everywhere; from silver and chrome accents to gold-color touches on lighting, furniture legs, and more!

  3. Track Arms Styles
    The arm, or the area on the furniture (love seats, recliners, sofas and sectionals) where you rest your arm is currently enjoying major fashion attention. Ashley reported seeing an increase in the kinds of styles for that particular area on a piece, with many more variations available including wider and narrow track arms, track arms with decorative accents as well as track arms that have been placed slightly lower than usual.

  4. Retro Remains Popular
    Regarding track arms, Ashley also observed that many styles leaned towards mid-century trends, meaning retro-fashion is still very much alive and strong.

Inspired by their High Point Market visit, the furniture buying team at Hamiltons plans to debut new and exciting styles for their customers throughout 2017. That means you can expect new varieties of textured and woven fabric options, even wider selections for furniture frame styles, earth-friendly foam cushions for seating, and much more!

Sofa photo shot at High Point Market 2017 by Hamiltons Sofa & Leather Gallery

“We are excited to showcase new product lines and additional furniture customization choices for our customers,” Ashley said. “If a customer chooses to tailor his or her furniture, we certainly have endless styles and options for them to consider.”

Visit for additional details on customizable furniture brands available as well as to peruse through a wide selection of living room and family room furniture options for your home, style or budget.

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