Popular Instagram Travelers to Explore DC's Hidden Gems

Accidentally Wes Anderson, which has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, will share its hidden gems in D.C. on Monday.

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The popular Instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson, which features images of locations around the world, will explore lesser-known D.C. locations starting Monday.

Wally and Amanda, a married couple from Brooklyn, started the account in 2017 by posting moments that look like they’re straight out of films directed by Wes Anderson.

“We go to different locations, different cities around the world,” Wally said. “And we explore beyond the Top 10 list and explore interesting architectural design and cultural locations, and maybe little tidbits about places that you did know.”

At the account’s inception, Wally said he was more excited about it than his wife. But as the account grew and Amanda saw the account’s impact and growth, “She was on board.”

Years later and with a following of 1.4 million people, Accidentally Wes Anderson is known to explore hidden gems in cities around the world.

“Maybe it's uncovering interesting things about the Renwick gallery or other Smithsonian properties that you didn't necessarily know about their history or what they have inside of them,” Wally said. “We were able to … unlock some doors, which we're excited to share with everybody. But also a lot of it comes from our community as well.”

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