Brunch at Lupo Verde Features Updated Italian Comfort Food

Adding an Italian-fused menu to 14th Street's popular brunch offerings, the rustic interior at Lupo Verde (1401 T St. NW) weaves a comforting atmosphere with equally comforting food.

Covering a range of offerings from Antipasti to Le Uova, the standout brunch item for me was the Uova in Camicia. The boldness of the San Marzano tomato sauce pulled in the poached egg, fresh basil and shallots. It tasted lightly spicy, with just enough brittle coarseness in the tomato sauce to wake up any sleepy taste-buds, and cleverly added the mainstay of any good brunch, an egg.

I also recommend asking for extra bread since the order comes with two very thin, very tiny slices of grilled bread. You'll probably need more to leverage the denseness of the satisfying dish.

Another good option is the Frittata di Patate e Cipolle, nicely presented and well-seasoned, or any of the homemade pizzas such as the Pizza Bismarc, with spinach, prosciutto and egg.

The only dish I'd recommend avoiding is the under-performing Crespelle con Nutella. The crepe seemed overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the butter it was made with, and then left to sit too long before the Nutella was placed on it.

Of course, no brunch is complete without a beverage of choice and Lupo Verde's cocktails are somewhat more refreshing than deeply delicious.

I found the Sofia (Don Ciccio and Figli hibiscus liquer, Prosecco, and hibiscus flower) not sweet enough, while the Black Pearl (squid ink infused tequila, mandarin liqueur, pomegranate, and lemon juice) just a tad too tart. But I did taste the Principessa (blood peach puree, grapefruit bitters and Prosecco), and as Goldilocks might have said, "This is just right!"

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