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Cuban's HDNet Shoots for Sheen



    Cuban's HDNet Shoots for Sheen

    Charlie Sheen could soon have a home on Mark Cuban's HDNet station.

    Cameras already are rolling, although plenty of details still need to be worked out -- such as what kind of show it might be. Cuban said Sunday a decision of whether to make it a reality show, a talk show or something else will be up to Sheen.

    Sheen has become a media phenomenon lately with off-beat rantings filled with lines that have become catchphrases, such as "tiger blood" and a drug called Charlie Sheen. It's all part of a campaign to disprove that he is a drug-using, reckless playboy.

    The future of his hit CBS show "Two and a Half Men" is uncertain.

    Cuban described Sheen as "somebody that everybody has a whole lot of interest in who is doing some interesting things, to say the least."