B. On Top!

I am so excited to announce that I am back to my blogging roots! For those who don’t know, I created my first personal blog in 2010 while attending college at the University of Maryland. I created the blog to gain more experience as a budding young journalist but never imagined all the opportunities that it brought my way! From collaborating with other media organizations, to blogs, to interviewing music artists and more.

After graduating college and transitioning into my full-time career, I had to give blogging a little break so that I could gain new inspiration and eventually bring it back in a bigger way with even more purpose.

To be quite frank, I feel that there is still a huge gap in content celebrating millennials and all of the POSITIVE ways we are contributing to society. From art, to science, to entrepreneurship, mental health, education, music and more. There are so many unique, trailblazing and passionate individuals really shifting the culture of our society and future in both big and small ways.

So the time is NOW to bring more of these stories to the forefront. It is my duty and calling that I create a space where we can network with one another more, inspire each other more, uplift each other, keep it unapologetically authentic with one another and push each other to B On Top of being our best selves daily! B On Top is a place where you will be able to receive all of this and more.

I am grateful for this opportunity and am excited to use this platform to share more of how our millennial culture is changing the D.C. area and beyond for the better.

NOTE: This is not just a space for my stories but also a place where others can showcase theirs, too. If interested in being a contributor, have story ideas, something you’d like to showcase, etc. email

Let’s make this world an even better place!


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