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Where Dreams Come True: AKA, DJ School



    If you've ever wanted to be one of the cool kids standing behind the turntables... here's your chance.
    The Spin Wax Academy (17932 South Fraley Blvd., Dumfries, Va., about 45 minutes from D.C.) opens its doors on Saturday, March 24 at noon. Meet the owner and get insights on music production, spinning, mixing and more.

    Whether you're a newbie or a working DJ, the lessons are tailored for all skill levels. You can learn everything from the fundamentals of DJing to technical aspects to practical business knowledge.
    *crosses fingers* Can we learn how to scratch? Yes? We're in. 
    The three-day Into to DJing course ($180) includes lessons on the culture, history and art of DJing; equipment and software, and The Digital World: Vinyl to MP3. A more advanced course teaches live scrath, effective genre mixing and crowd control. Courses range in price from $180 to $300 each.
    Call 703-445-4117 or email info@spinwaxacademy.com for more info.
    The academy is also planning to host an open house in April. Follow Spin Wax on Facebook for the latest.