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Siriano's Next Endeavor: A High-Fashion... Sponge



    CLEAN IN STYLE: Feeling like a hot mess with all those drab cleaning supplies? Not for long. "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano is infusing some glamour into the most mundane household items -- think couture sponges inspired by his Spring 2011 runway designs. O-Cel-O, a company known for making stylish home-cleaning products, has hired Siriano to stage a makeover. This collaboration comes on the heels of his Starbucks partnership.

    The only bad news is that these stylish sponges won’t be in store until next spring -- although that doesn't mean you're excused from cleaning until then. Are you a fashionista just dying to catch a glimpse? Through Aug. 13, you can enter O-Cel-O’s Clean with Style sweepstakes -- go here to enter for a chance to win a trip to Siriano's Spring 2011 show at New York Fashion Week, where you can see the very looks that will inspire the new O-Cel-O line. What's more, get the chance to meet Ferosha Coutura himself. Or just be one of 50 lucky winners and receive an O-Cel-O brand prize pack valued at $20. Your kitchen countertops will probably be down with it.