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Uh Huh Her on 'Music at its Most Raw Form'



    Indie electro-pop group Uh Huh Her is set to perform at the 9:30 Club Monday, May 2. Camila Grey of the duo chatted with Niteside on their new album, life on the road, stormchasing and what you can expect at the show.

    How did you and bandmate Leisha Hailey get together?

    Camila Grey: Leisha and I, initially we met at a party and then I met her again at a wedding and then she kind of coldcalled me after that and asked me if I would be interested in a musical project, and that was kind of it. The rest is, as you say, history.

    What's your inspiration when song writing?

    ...I think a lot of it comes through a stream of consciousness. It happens so organically for us that it's hard to have a specific inspiration. I think that maybe if you're to ask the [decade] it would kind of be the '70s. That was my inspiration. You know when music was... let's just say, when people actually had to have talent and they had to sing and the music industry wasn't revolutionized by the computer age. I took it from there. Music in its most raw form.

    I know you're a native of Austin. Playing at SXSW is a kind of a big deal. I mean it's a huge honor. What was the experience like for y'all?

    It's such a mash up of different bands and for us when we go there it's kind of a party vibe. You don't really necessarily go to -- I know it's considered a showcase, but for the most part it's just let's go see our friends play, support each other and have a good time. It is a s*** show.

    It's chaotic and nothing ever goes smoothly so you have to go in expecting to just have fun. It's a way where you can see friends that you haven't seen in forever because everyone is in different parts of the world or different cities so it's great.

    Who would you say is probably your musical inspiration?

    Many. I have, I would say, 'cause I was classically brought up on the piano, classical music and that I'm a huge fan of Mozart. Samuel Barber is one of my favorite composers. As far as current music, I'm a huge Radiohead fan. I'm a huge Depeche Mode [fan] and all the good ones. Zoe.

    I know you've played with various artists from Dr. Dre to Kelly Osborne. Who do you think you'd probably want to collaborate with the most in the future that you haven't already?

    I've really always wanted to work with Daft Punk or even Dave Gahan from Depeche would be amazing. Kayne would be amazing. Those are the top three.

    And who has been your favorite so far that you've played with?

    I would have to say playing with Adam [Lambert] is amazing. He's just an incredible performer, vocalist. Just on a purely vocal level it's astonishing. He gives me the chills when I'm playing for him.

    As far as just [a] unique experience, it had to have been Dre. It was like little me with a bunch of hip-hop super stars in a room together. It was very, very interesting. I learned quite a bit. He's an amazing producer. It's really interesting to watch him work and he's a perfectionist. That was always challenging because if you sing one take he'll say, "No. Again. Again. Again. Again." It was definitely interesting.

    I've been wondering, what's with the unicorn in your music video "Not A Love Song"?

    It was basically kind of a take of 'A Day in the Life Of,' but in a fantasy world. Apparently it's very popular to have unicorns now, though we want to say that we did it first. Although ours was miniature and had like a whole slo-mo [genitalia] section in the video, which we noticed later which is kind of awkward but whatever.

    So your second album's coming out this summer. How's it different from your first album "Common Reaction"?

    I think it's different in a lot of ways. First of all, we're label-less, so we've financed and produced and made this entire thing on our own which we're very excited about because I think it lost its of glitz sheen if you will in a good way. It's very organic. Wendy Melvoin was a huge influence on it in that she let us use her facility at the Henson Studios in L.A., which is a very famous studio. So we got to use all the gear and play with all of her gear.

    She -- I keep saying this to the press, but -- we would call her a mad scientist because she would get all of these different toys. She's got hundreds and hundreds of vintage pedals and et cetera. It's kind of like a musician's dream in there. She would throw them all on the floor and just go through all of the pedals and create these really unique sounds and sounds you could never get nowadays, because either everyone's working on Logic or ProTools and it's kind of a homogenized sound that people have got going on at the moment, but we were able to really create great stuff with her. Very lush, lush, lush record.

    I think that "Common Reaction" was very pop, very slick and this is very deep, organic and the sounds on it are big. It's a big rock record.

    That's great. I'm sure fans are really excited to hear it.

    {Laughs) Yeah, they've certainly been waiting long enough.

    What's it like touring?

    I actually just posted a photo on Twitter. We're driving through the midwest during tornado season. The weather's been really interesting. I'm kind of this wannabe stormchaser and we have yet to see a tornado....

    I've been traveling on the road for about a year at the moment. I haven't stopped. With the Adam Lambert thing and this gig I haven't had been home in like a year and a month now at this point. So it's kind of second nature to me to be on the road. I feel more comfortable in a van or a bus or a plane than I do in a house. I love it. I think it's an amazing. There's always an adventure around every corner and meet new people. It's always been an adventure.

    You're going to be at the 9:30 Club on Monday. What can people expect at your show?

    Definitely [a] more dancy, up-tempo show. We've changed so much as a band. We've gotten tighter; we've been traveling more; we're touring more. This is definitely a different band than they've seen before for sure.

    When you come to D.C., are there any places that you like to go to or visit? Maybe something you want to try?

    Definitely the White House. You know, every time I go to D.C. it's always been so speedy and in passing so I really have no idea where to go there.

    Is there anything you'd want to let your fans know about that I haven't asked?

    We have a new EP out on iTunes and you'll hopefully purchase that. We're very excited to come to D.C. and play the 9:30 again. I believe we played there a couple of years ago.