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9/11 Filmmaker Condemns Planned Quran Burning



    Director/producer Dave Rodriguez, who was behind the award winning 9/11 film "Anytown," said he believes the pastor leading the charge for the planned Quran burning is an extremist whose actions are endangering Americans.

    "I believe it's ignorant, stupid and extreme," Rodriguez told Niteside. "And it's people like that who endanger the lives of our soldiers, including my nephew who is a Marine fighting over in Afghanistan for his third tour."

    Ahead of the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, Niteside caught up with the filmmaker whose work chronicles a teenage boy affected by 9/11 who becomes involved in a high school altercation that escalates into a hate crime.

    Rodriguez also weighed in on the controversial building of an Islamic Center near Ground Zero, saying he could see both sides of the debate. Ultimately, 9/11 is a wound seared into the memories of Americans.  

    "It has been nine years since 9/11, but Americans’ grief has turned to anger," he said. "America is anything but healed from September 11th’s atrocity."