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Supersuckers Bringing Their Evil Powers to (DC) Area



    Supersuckers Bringing Their Evil Powers to (DC) Area

    One of the best live bands around -- among the only true rock and rollers around -- finally is bringing its livewire act to the D.C. area.

    Whenever I look at the Supersuckers' tour dates, I lament that they never come to D.C. It's always Baltimore. Not that a trip to Ottobar isn't worth it. Last spring's show at the Ottobar was maybe the best concert I saw on the Conservative Coast in all of 2008. But if you like beer and whiskey with your real rock 'n' roll -- and they go great with the Supersuckers -- then that can be a tricky rock and roll commute.

    Again this spring, they picked Ottobar, May 30, but there's been a recent development. Over the weekend, Jaxx listed the Supersuckers on May 27.

    Closer, but still not D.C.

    The band's people have confirmed the date. According to Jaxx, the tickets should be available on TicketMaster tomorrow. (Visit and search "awesome.")

    Tough for a car-less fan with late-ish hours make it to out there, but it's worth the effort. I've never actually been to Jaxx for that reason, but I'm excited to check out the venue, particularly because some of the bartenders apparently are hot underwear models.

    As for the band, well, it's fun-lovin' hard rock that leans toward country. The four members are childhood friends from Tucson who put the group together in 1988. They have a good time on stage, which is key, and if they've been able to tolerate each other for so long, you know it's the real deal.

    Fans of Lucero and King Khan and the Shrines who disproved D.C.'s rep for unresponsive audiences at those recent shows should likewise find a lot to cheer and move about at Jaxx on May 27.

    The Supersuckers latest LP, "Get It Together," was released in October. Check it out.

    The hostess in this clip is not a bartender at Jaxx: