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Behind Enemy Lines: Philly Edition

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    We all know what the D.C. media says about the Redskins, but what’s going on behind enemy lines? During the season, we head over to the opposing side and look in on the game chatter in preparation for that week’s matchup.

    This week we’re checking out what the Eagles and the Philadelphia media are saying about the Redskins.

    The media says…

    “Rex Grossman has a strong arm, but isn't particularly accurate and is a poor decision-maker, particularly when under pressure. He was benched after throwing four interceptions vs. Eagles in Week 6. He is 32nd in the league in interception percentage with 19 picks in 413 attempts.” – in their scouting report. C’mon RG3!!

    “Then there is Vick's crazy-good stats against Washington, throwing for five TDs and running for two in the last two games. Now look at Rex Grossman's last effort against the Green, a 20-13 win for the good guys. Grossman was picked four times, and it could be just as ugly Sunday. Birds end with a bang.”- Philly Daily News trying to muster up some enthusiasm for a meaningless game.

    The team says…

    "To say something's meaningless, I don't think that's right. It's an opportunity to play another game against a good football team and make yourself better as a team and as an individual and that's what you do." – Eagles coach Andy Reid calling the Redskins a “good team.”

    We'll be sure to keep our momma off the field this week...


    Heads up Kerrigan and Orakpo. Looks like Vick might be a little sleep deprived...

    Trust us, we weren't losing sleep over it...

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