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Apps Make It Easier to Get Photos From Phone to Frame



    (Published Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012)

    Like most moms, Michele McGraw, who has four kids, has one phone overflowing with photos.

    “I've always got like 2,000 pictures or so on my phone, and then on my computer -- if they get off my phone -- they just sit on the computer,” she said.

    Pictures often don’t make it from phone to frame because printing can be a process, but now new apps like Free Prints make it easy to print directly from your albums.

    “You can print out 100 pictures every month for just the shipping fee,” McGraw said.

    She got her prints in just a few days.

    “The pictures actually turn out really great,” she said.

    Another app, Snapperific, is similar and lets you send prints to anyone in your address book. One popular option puts a picture on a canvas.

    “We actually strip the photographic emulsion off of the paper and mount that on canvas, and you get a really nice texture that looks like a painting,” founder William Mapp said.

    Snapperific also prints from social networks like Hipstamatic.

    Another cool way to send photos is called Postagram. It lets you send postcards directly from your android or iPhone. The photo on the card actually pops out.

    If you need prints right away, Walgreens has an app called Kicksend. You can get up to 30 photos at a time from your local store within an hour.

    New tools helping families keep great memories in hand with a fresh look from behind the camera in mind.

    “I'm kind of looking at what's going to look better on print or on my wall,” McGraw said.