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8 minutes ago

WATCH: Memorial for Kansas Jewish Center Victims

Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday delivered remarks in tribute to the three victims of the tragedy that took place at a Jewish Community Center on Sunday. "Every alleged hate crime, no matter who the target is, is an affront to who we are," Holder said. "And that's why they can't be ignored." Former Vietnam veteran and KKK leader Frazier Glenn Cross is accused of killing 14-year-old Reat Underwood, his grandfather William Corporon, 69, and 53-year-old children's center worker Terri LaManno. Read »
5 hours ago

South Korea Ferry Captain: I Am "Deeply Ashamed"

45 minutes ago

Snowden Asks Putin About Russian Snooping

3 hours ago

3 Killed After 300 Separatists Attack Ukraine Base

44 minutes ago

Man Saves Family After Mom Purposely Drives Into River: Police

3 hours ago

WATCH: Kerry, EU Representative Hold Joint Briefing

Secretary of State John Kerry and European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton hold a joint news conference on the Ukraine crisis. Read »
2 hours ago

Condom Shortage Complaints on the Rise in Cuba: Report

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014 at 7:28 AM

It is now clear that our Russian neighbors have decided to build a new Berlin Wall and return to the Cold War era.  

— Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukraine's Western-backed prime minister, accusing Russia's President Vladimir Putin of "exporting terrorism" to eastern Ukraine and orchestrating separatist tensions in the region.
6 hours ago

Putin Admits Russian Forces Backed Crimea Separatists

3 hours ago

Fired Yahoo Exec Gets $58M for 15 Months of Work

2 hours ago

"In God We Trust" Gets OK for Pa. County Display

2 hours ago

Boozy "Sweet 16" Party Lands Dad in Court: DA

2 hours ago

Texas Town Recovering a Year After Deadly Blast

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014 at 10:00 PM

12 Million Americans Misdiagnosed a Year: Study

3 hours ago

Fake Child Abduction Video Sparks Outrage

Police in Washington state are investigating a fake kidnapping of a child that terrified onlookers who thought it was real. The stunt sparked a backlash from parents around the country. The video titled, “Child Abduction Prevention and Awareness Video,” shows a minivan with two masked men who pull up to a park. One man jumps out, grabs a toddler and takes off. When the group later returned to the park to say the stunt was part of “kidnapping awareness,” park-goers were furious. Police said "at least two people" were under investigation. Read »
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