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Silver Spring Boy Scouts Help the Homeless of Shepherd's Table

Neighbors Invited to Help Scouts Contribute to Needy Sunday, Feb 28




    As the snow is finally melting, life is returning to normal for many of us. But for the needy and homeless in the area, snow removal doesn't improve the quality of life all that much.

    To address the on-going need  of  those less fortunate this winter, on Sunday Boy Scout Troop 249 in Silver Sping is collecting items  to make life better for those living and being served by Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen in Silver Spring.

    The items being collected to help the homeless are:

    • Gently used towels and wash-cloths
    • New men's underwear and socks
    • Travel-sized toiletries

    This is a great time to get rid of those towels you don't need anymore or to pass on those holliday  presents of underwear or socks you are hiding in the back of the closet and have no intention of ever wearing.

    The Scouts will pick up your donation between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon. You don't even need to be home. Just mark you bag and call 240-676-2328 and leave your address on the recording.  Or you can drop off  donated items at the Marvin Memorial Methodist Church located at the intersection of University Boulevard and Colvsville Road.  Just go in the Scouts entrance between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The Scouts entrance is on the Colesville Road side of the church.

    The event was planned a while ago and put in jeopardy when the project leader, Jeremy Horn, took a snowball to the eye the first day of Blizzard No. 1. He was put on complete bed rest with both eyes shut.  It took a few scary days to determine his sight will be fine and the project to help Shephards Table is in full swing. For more informaiton on the event you can e mail Scout Horn at