Officer Accused in Robbery Attempt, Shooting to Stay in Custody

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    A D.C. Superior Court judge has ordered a police officer facing felony murder charges to remain in custody until his trial.

    Reginald Jones, 40, of Upper Marlboro, Md., appeared handcuffed before Judge Michael L. Rankin Tuesday for a preliminary hearing. Jones is accused of serving as lookout during an attempted robbery in southeast D.C. last month during which one of the suspects, 40-year-old Arvell Alston, was shot and killed.

    Detective Anthony Greene testified at the hearing, saying Jones told authorities he had been in the area to learn about gun activity.

    Rankin said the evidence against Jones was strong, and ordered the officer along with Arvel Crawford, also charged in the slaying, be held until trial. The men have a felony status conference on April 2.

    A fifth suspect in the case was arrested Monday. Lynn Daniel Wilkerson, 33, of Hyattsville, Md., surrendered to police. He is charged with first-degree felony murder while armed.