Md. Crime Drops to 35-Year Low; State Still Among Most Dangerous

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    Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley announced Monday crime in the state is down 8 percent from 2008 to 2009, the Washington Post reported, but the state still ranks among the 10 most dangerous.

    The state recorded fewer violent crimes in 2009 than any other point since 1975, according to the governor's office.

    Crime Crackdown Works: Lowest Level in 35 years

    [DC] Crime Crackdown Works: Lowest Level in 35 years
    Maryland lowers crime rate thanks to Prince George's County. (Published Monday, May 10, 2010)

    The crime rate is at an all-time low since police unified record keeping more than 35 years ago.

    O'Malley said Prince George’s County reported more than 27 fewer killings last year than 2008.

    The O'Malley administration has made Maryland safer by cracking down on repeat offenders and targeting at-risk youths, among other tactics, the governor said.

    The improvements come as crime rates drop across the country, keeping Maryland from dropping out of the 10 most dangerous states, as some expected it would.

    O’Malley is running for re-election against former Gov. Bob Ehrlich, who O'Malley defeated in 2006.