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Man to Spend 25 Years in Prison For Assault of 84-Year-Old Woman



    A Upper Marlboro, Md. man has been sentenced for his crimes in the 2012 assault of an 84-year-old woman.

    Rodney William Blanton of Upper Marlboro, Md. pleaded guilty Friday to assault, burglary, robbery and other charges for the attack on the elderly woman in February 2012.

    The woman had opened the door to her apartment for Blanton after he claimed to be her neighbor. Blanton then forced his way in and assaulted the woman.

    The octogenarian fought back, giving Blanton a severe bite on his hand. But Blanton was able to knock her down, immobilizing her, and allowing him to steal money from her home and flee on foot.

    Police say the woman was on the floor of her home for more than a day before a neighbor noticed her open door and called police. Despite not receiving immediate treatment for the multiple injuries she had sustained, the woman survived.

    Police were able to trace the blood left at the scene to Blanton, and with the woman's description of the man, Blanton was caught at his home and arrested for first degree assault, first degree burglary, robbery and other charges.

    He received 15 years for the robbery and an additional 10 years for first degree burglary.