Despite Reports, Bill O'Reilly's History on Lincoln is Being Sold at Ford's Theatre

Book available in the gift shop

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    Ford's Theatre
    Ford's Theatre, in Washington D.C.

    Despite some reports to the contrary, Fox pundit Bill O'Reilly's new book on Abraham Lincoln is being sold at Ford's Theatre, site of the president's assassination.

    The "No Spin Zone" author co-wrote with Martin Dugard a new history on the Lincoln, titled "Killing Lincoln: the Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever."

    The Washington Post originally reported that the book has been banned from Ford's Theatre for containing historical inaccuracies.  The reported issues range from name misspellings and inaccurate dates, to more serious problems.  Online outlet Salon lays out some of the criticisms against the book here.

    But the reports and headlines that the book has been banned from Ford's Theatre for inaccuracies that continue to circulate internet?  Those are just not accurate.

    The National Park Service, which operates a bookstore in the basement of Ford's Theatre, decided not to carry the book after review.  But one flight up, the book is being sold, in the lobby gift shop of the theatre.  That gift shop is run by the Ford's Theatre Society, together with the National Park Service.

    "We decided several weeks ago to carry Bill O'Reilly's book 'Killing Lincoln' in the Ford's Theatre Society gift shop," said Paul R. Tetreault, director of Ford's Theatre Society. "While we understand the National Park Service's concerns about the book, we decided to let our visitors judge the book themselves."

    The Post posted an update reflecting the book's availability in the Ford's Theatre lobby here.