Buy Local: Find D.C.-Area Farmers Markets

Fresher, tastier produce often comes from local farmers

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    More and more people are starting to pay attention to where their food comes from. Fresher, tastier produce often comes from local farmers, not those shipped thousands of miles before they reach your table.

    With that in mind, many are turning to backyard gardens so they know exactly where their food comes from. First lady Michelle Obama included. 

    But those who don't have the time to grow a garden (and those who don't have a back yard) turn to farmers markets as their main sources of fruits and vegetables. 

    Some of the best in the D.C. area include the Dupont Circle Farmers Market and the Arlington Courthouse Farmers Market, not to mention the new farmers market developed near the White House

    Check out this handy guide to find farmers markets in your area: Washington Post's Farmers Market Guide.