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Russell Brand Fires Back in Crash Suit, Blames Plaintiff's "Bodily Condition" for Any Injuries

Brand X host claims the accident was the result of the man's own negligence.



    British actor Russell Brand, pictured here performing at the London 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony, fired back at a negligence lawsuit.

    Talk about your Brand X rebuttals.

    Russell Brand has fired back at a negligence lawsuit filed against him by a man who claims Brand hit him with his car, leaving him with serious injuries.

    In court documents obtained exclusively by E! News, the British funnyman contends that any run-in was the result of the plaintiff's own negligence--and if he got hurt, it was the "direct, proximate and sole result" of his own "physical bodily condition and constitutional composition."

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    Victor Sneed sued Brand in October, alleging the "Arthur" star knocked into him with his car on Los Angeles' Olympic Boulevard the previous January. He's asking for dough to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

    In asking for a dismissal, Brand also charges in his filing that Sneed "failed to take adequate measures to minimize...delays, damages, expenditures and extra costs, if any were incurred."

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    Brand's camp states that Sneed was employed at the time of the accident and entitled to worker's compensation pursuant to California law--and that Brand shouldn't be held liable for any distress Sneed may have suffered in relation to his employment.

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