Levi Johnston to Bare All for Playgirl

Pistacio spokesman beefs up his resume

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    Levi Johnston is stripping down.

    Now he does it with his clothes off.

    Alaskan teen dad Levi Johnston is reportedly beefing up his, er, resume in preparation to bare-it-all for Playgirl.

    Johnston plans to hit the gym “six days a week for the next three weeks,” a lawyer for the hunky, hockey star turned pistachio pitchman tells Usmagazine.com.

    Lawyer Rex Butler says Johnston’s photos would likely appear in a Playgirl issue within the year.

    Gossip site TMZ had reported that Johnston was still undecided on whether to go the full monty.

    Either way, fans can get a glimpse of the almost son-in-law to former veep candidate Sarah Palin in a provocative new ad spot for pistachios.

    The ad shows Johnston in a green Alaska T-shirt flanked by publicist and bodyguard Tank Jones as he walks toward a phalanx of off-camera paparazzi shouting his name.

    "Now, Levi Johnston does it with protection," says a voiceover as Levi shoves a nut into his mouth, an allusion to his fathering a baby, Tripp, with Bristol Palin.