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Outfest 2013: Philly Pride's Dance Party Ode to Self




    Outfest, Philadelphia's celebration of National Coming Out Day, is about to go down, and you should be there to bask in all its glory.

    There will be music, there will be dancing and there will be a general celebration of you.

    Their website describes it as "like an old fashioned block party, only better," and if that doesn't pique your interest, then perhaps you've never experienced the fun of an old fashioned-block party. Which means you need this more than anyone.

    The celebration will begin at noon on Sunday, Oct. 13 and include an opening workout with 12th Street Gym, a magic show with David Varga, a hula-hoop contest and more.

    For more information, directions to the "gayborhood" (their words, not ours), photos from past events and more, visit Philly Pride's site here.