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Party Promoter Jamie Hess Drops Social Media: "I'm Taking a Facebreak"




    Jamie Hess has worked full time in the entertainment and nightlife business for the last six years.

    He can be found promoting parties in the city's top venues, such as Fly Lounge, where one of his most recent successes, the weekly Fly Private party, will mark its year anniversary this Friday. But there is a popular place you won't find him -- Facebook.

    "I'm taking a Facebreak right now," Hess said. "It's a social experiment I'm doing to more accurately judge how events will turn out."

    While social media sites helped his "exclusive yet accepting" Fly Private event to take off, he was frustrated by the lack of individual attention these tools offer. Instead, he started making phone calls to friends and clients to solicit authentic RSVPs.

    And he's happy to have bucked the trend, claiming his Fly Private result is more house party than club night out.

    "The purpose of Fly Private was to do something truly different," he said. 

    A status, not just a status message.