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Tree Sweaters R Us

A skinny tree stays toasty on Barracks Row.



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    Tree sweater alert!

    What do you do during a long, cold winter at the knitting store?

    Sounds like a rhetorical question, huh?

    Except it's not. We know, we're shocked too. But the Good People at yarn shop Stitch D.C. (731 8th St. S.E.) had a couple weeks of down-time thanks to the blizzards, plus a bunch of yarn scraps. So they did the only thing that fun-loving, respectable knitters could do.

    They made a tree sweater. And we'd act like you didn't know that was coming except you already saw the photo on the top of this story, so there goes that angle.

    "It's less expensive than a sign for us," the owner told us.

    If you're looking to craft your own tree sweater (and really, why wouldn't you be?), consider dropping in on the shop's weekly Wednesday night social, from "after work" until 8:30 p.m.