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Comcast’s Cyber Monday Close Call

Internet service lost in as many as six states Sunday



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    Many of you by now have your clicking finger warmed up and you credit card out as you navigate your way through the world wide web to find the best Cyber Monday deals. But finishing up (or starting) your Christmas shopping on the biggest online deal day of the year almost didn’t happen.

    Comcast experienced a huge service outage overnight, leaving web browsers up and down the East Coast in the dark. According to Comcast, one of their servers went down and knocked out service to mostly the great Boston and D.C. metro areas. But at one point a Comcast technician told NBC that outages were spread over six states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

    Luckily for online retailers, Comcast got the server back up and running just after midnight. Comcast said it is not sure how many customers were affected, but engineers are now working to figure out what caused the outage.

    In a lot of ways, Comcast dodged a big bullet. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 106 million people are expected to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals. That’s up significantly from last year, when an estimated 96.5 million took to the web for sales. And had Comcast not fixed the problem, a large portion of that 106 million people would not be happy.

    This year, more than 700 retailers are offering deals. The highest volume of shopping is expected to happen during the lunch hour.