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V-Day Gifts for Your D.C. Girl

You can do it, guys. She wants flowers, cupcakes and/or something pretty. That's it!



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    February 14. It's a Saturday. It's THIS Saturday. Forget, and you will die.

    OK, guys. The pressure is on. How are you supposed to show your S.O. how much you love her via material goods in THIS economy? You know the old slogan "Say it with flowers"? Those people knew what they were talking about. We recommend perennial faves A Little Shop of Flowers (2421 18th St. N.W.) and Citiflowers (1400 L St. N.W.).

    It's oh-so-eco-friendly these days to purchase experiences instead of goods. Treat her to some quintessential grrl tunes at the 9:30 Club, like activist rocker Ani DiFranco on March 6 and 7 ($40) -- hey, she's softer! she's a mommy now! -- or owner of the lushest vocals, like, ever, AKA, The New Pornographers singer Neko Case on April 9 ($28).

    Even health nuts can indulge on Valentine's Day. Serve her up some vegan goodies from Sticky Fingers Vegan Bakery (1370 Park Road N.W.) Special treats right now include Raspberry Heart Cakes ("double-layer chocolate cake with a tease of raspberry, cozy under a blanket of ganache," $12); Chocolate Peanut Butter Smackers ("Nutty orbs seductively draped in chocolate," six for $9), and Red Velvet and Be-Mine Cupcakes ($2.75 each). We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

    OK, maybe you're not unwilling to give up the material goods just yet? Yeah, we understand. Melt her heart -- and her home -- with something from Muleh (1831 14th St. N.W.), which carries furniture and home décor that's pretty much also considered art. A CUCMe Screen by Kenneth Cobonpue, made of stainless steel wire and paper, offers an artistic way to divide a teeny studio apartment or frame a bed. Available in brown or cream.

    Show your girl you can be on the cutting-edge of fashion, too. Feathers are all the rage right now (we know, it really doesn't make much sense to us, either). Offer her a barrette or headband decorated with a lush peacock feather, on sale right now for around $28 from Proper Topper (3213 P St. N.W. and 1350 Connecticut Ave. N.W.).