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Kate Moss Takes On New Business Venture

The supermodel is joining forces with Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green



    Kate Moss Takes On New Business Venture
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    One big happy family: Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss, and Simon Cowell.

    On the heels of her successive line for Topshop, Kate Moss is already one of the top-earning models in the world (specifically, she's the third richest, according to Forbes, behind Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum). Now, The Daily Mail is reporting that she may be about to join forces with none other than Simon Cowell (yes, of American Idol fame) and Sir Philip Green (the owner of Topshop) to form a "global entertainment super-company to rival Disney."

    The Daily Mail had already guessed weeks ago that Cowell and Green were in cahoots over something, likely putting their heads and bank accounts together to create a global showbiz and fashion company. (As an aside, the photo of the two of them on holiday in Barbados is truly spectacular.) Moss's involvement stems from her close relationship with Green, who's been working with Moss on her Topshop line for the past two years. The two are so tight that she apparently refers to him as "Uncle Phil." Plus, adding Moss to the mix would have the massive business benefit of boosting the company's credibility within the fashion industry.

    Cowell already owns the rights to TV shows he produces such as Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor, and America's Got Talent, and with mega-mogul Green and supermodel Moss on board, the plan would be to globalize the shows and sell merchandise around it. According to The Daily Mail's source, bringing Moss would not only give the project a certain hipness, it would also increase her fortune exponentially -- potentially in the area of £100 million or more. Memo to the top two earners on Forbes' list: Watch your backs.