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Ultra-Beat at the Ultrabar

Grammy 365's Kicks off the Festivities at Ultrabar



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    Ultrabar pumped up the jams last night.

    The trendy bar on F Street was home to the fourth annual Grammy 365 kickoff event, where local college students got to mingle, dance and sign up for the program.

    Grammy 365 is a national music industry program that gives budding musicians, songwriters and producers the opportunity to network, participate in workshops, and partake in events -- most notably, a trip to the Grammy Awards in L.A.

    "Grammy 365 gives local college students the opportunity to get behind-the-scene interviews with professionals in their field," says Wendi Cherry, project manager of Grammy 365. "This program is perfect for their networking. Some students [of the program] have even gotten jobs."

    Who better to verify this music programs merit than the one providing the music at this event? DJ Jenn X Nkija, a Howard University student, had nothing but praise for the program.

    "I actually went to the Grammys in L.A. Every student gets to go," said Nkija. "It was unreal, and definitely kick started my career. I'd definitely recommend it. Even my friends from South London came down for the experience."

    Nkija, along with the other college students at Ultrabar, are sure to look forward to the day they're on the other side of the Grammys. Ultrabar is just the start.