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Easy Does It, Md. Drivers

Mont. Co. police on hunt for aggressive drivers



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    The regional Smooth Operator campaign targets aggressive drivers in Maryland, Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania.

    Hey, lead foot, time to ease up on the gas. 

    As part of the "Smooth Operator" campaign, Montgomery County Police are hitting the roads today through June 6 looking to crack down on all of you speeding/tailgating/unsafe lane changing/failing to yield the right-of-way/running red lights and stop signs drivers.

    How can you stop your dastardly driving ways?  

    The police say try these simple steps:

    • Allow extra travel time.
    • Maintain an adequate distance from the vehicle in front to ensure proper breaking distance.
    • Use turn signals when turning or making lane changes.
    • Come to a full stop at red lights and stop signs.

    You can do those things, right?

    Just pop some Sade in the CD player and take it easy.  And if you can't, better switch to The Police and be extra careful on the roads these weeks too:

    • July 5 - 11
    • August 2 - 8
    • September 6 - 19 (2 weeks)

    They'll be watching you...