Batman Stopped for Wrong Tag on Batmobile

Apparently the Dark Knight has upgraded to a Lamborghini

Police pulled over a caped crusader in Montgomery County, Md., earlier this week.

Upon stopping a car with an improper rear license plate Wednesday, officers discovered the man behind the wheel was wearing a Batman costume. His rear tag was his winged emblem, police told WTOP.

Montgomery County police tweeted a pic of the traffic stop at Route 29 and Prelude Drive Friday afternoon.

Howard County police played hero to Bats on Halloween, assisting him with a flat tire while he was on his way to a hospital to entertain some children. The Lamborghini -- local-live-child entertainment must pay great these days -- had to be towed, and a sidekick took this dark knight to his engagement.

Police did not say whether they uncovered Batman’s true identity.

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