Some DC United Stars Make Little Green

Players Union releases salary list

Manny Ramirez could make more than $25 million next season.  CC Sabathia will probably snag a free-agent contract worth more than $140 million.  Redskins' cornerback Fred Smoot has a car for each of his moods.  Chris Cooley has an elevator in his mansion.

Life is good for the professional athlete, eh?  

Well, for most, at least.

The Major League Soccer Players Union recently released the salaries of all its players for the past two seasons.  And if you think you would live the good life by smacking a soccer ball with your noggin, think again.

Some members of D.C. United make less than $13,000 per season. 

There are exceptions.  Marcelo Gallardo made close to $2 million this past season.  Ben Olsen's salary was over $200,000.

But eight players on the team made less than $18,000 last season.  And 17 made $35,000 or less.

2008 DC United Salaries

Burch Marc D $33,000.00 
Carreiro da Silva Fred M $242,000.00 
Carroll Jeff D $12,900.00 
Carroll Pat D $12,900.00 
Cordeiro Ryan M $17,700.00 
Crayton Louis GK $175,857.14 
Doe Francis F $40,500.00 
Dyachenko Rod M $33,000.00 
Emilio Luciano F $758,857.14 
Gallardo Marcelo M $1,874,006.00
Guerrero Ivan M $147,000.00 
Janicki Greg D $12,900.00 
Khumalo Thabiso F $33,000.00 
Kirk Quavas M $136,500.00 
Koroma Ibrahim D $17,700.00 
Martinez Gonzalo D $244,750.00 
McTavish Devon D $33,000.00 
Mediate Domenic M $33,000.00 
Miller Ryan D $12,900.00 
Moreno Jaime F $275,000.00 
Namoff Bryan D $98,750.00 
Olsen Ben M $215,000.00 
Peralta Gonzalo D $199,000.00 
Quaranta Santino M $35,000.00 
Simms Clyde M $59,000.00 
Stratford Dan M $17,700.00 
Thompson Craig M $12,900.00 
Thorpe James GK $12,900.00 
Vide Joe M $19,128.57 
Wells Zachary GK $52,920.00 
Zaher Mike D $12,900.00

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