Cooley's New Hobby

Redskins tight end finds his creative side

Move over Picasso. Skins tight end Chris Cooley looks like he could be the next big thing in the art world, and all without having to go through that annoying starvation period.  Cooley showed off his painting skills in a set of videos he posted on his blog. 

Sporting an impressive striped apron clashing nicely with a plaid button-down, he looks the part, despite the lack of maroon and black.  (Perhaps there's a future marketing idea for Dan Snyder?)

Cooley really throws himself into his painting, displaying all the right equipment and the right moves.  In his words, he does it "Bob Ross style."  While Cooley's closely cropped hairdo is no match for the out-of-control fuzz of everyone's favorite PBS painter, Chris certainly has the rest of the package down.

He even unveils his secret trick to painting sagebrush, which will undoubtedly help him next season against Dallas's linebackers.  His toothbrush-as-paintbrush technique and its resulting splatters would make Jackson Pollock proud.

Let's hope he doesn't re-use that toothbrush.  Although, given that he says he's been wearing the same shirt for three days, you never can tell.

Given the off-season habits and run-ins of some of his NFL brethren, the Skins are lucky.  If the worst thing Cooley does is drip some paint on the floor, nobody can complain -- except his wife.

Chris Needham used to write at Capitol Punishment, but too many years of exposure to lead-based paint caused him to quit.

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