Vick Might Bark PETA's Agenda

PETA and the disgraced QB are in talks for the P.R. move of the year

When former NFL quarterback Michael Vick is released from prison, he might have a job waiting for him -- spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The public relations move would help Vick's image after serving a 23-month sentence for funding an illegal dog fighting ring, reported

"We have been in discussions with Michael Vick, with his management team, about the possibility of him putting out a public-service announcement with PETA when he's out of jail," said Dan Shannon, director of youth outreach and campaigns for PETA.

"We want him to discourage people from taking part in dog-fighting. I can do it until I'm blue in the face and it might not convince anybody. Michael Vick sure can. He can say, 'Look, I did it, I was wrong, and it ruined my career'," said Shannon.

Vick, 28, will be released from prison on May 20th and will serve the rest of his sentence in home confinement. This is part of a strict regiment Vick will have to follow coupled with working 40 hours a week at a local construction company, reports the New York Post. His prison sentence officially ends July 20th.

There are many other moves Vick's PR team will have in store to rehabilatate his image if the former Atlanta Falcon is to return to the NFL.

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, said he wants to see "genuine remorse" before reinstating the star, according to The disgraced star was banned from the NFL when he pleaded guilty in 2007.

"PETA does believe in second chances," Shannon said. "Just because somebody did something bad, it doesn't mean they're an unsalvageable person. We hope that's the case with Michael Vick."

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