Kicking The Wizards While They're Down

Cleveland columnist triumphantly acts like a chump

Good ol' Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Bill Livingston, his picture says, "See my chin on my fist? That means I'm educated. Oh, and I'm also stalking your 13-year-old daughter on FaceBook."

Why does withered Bill have Wizards fans in an uproar (at least those who still care)? Well, he's graciously taken the opportunity to kick the Wiz while they're down, calling them a stooge team. And on top of that, he took G-Wiz's mother out to a nice seafood dinner and never called her again.

In his latest hack job, "Alas, the woeful Wizards can't provide more playoff laughs for Cavaliers," Bill pulls no punches, as they say....well, as much as his Geritol-fueled body will allow, which pretty much equates to blowing kisses in the wind.

Not only does Bill pick on easy modern-day targets such as Gilbert Arenas and DeShawn Stevenson, but his digs go back in time, as he calls Elvin Hayes a "cat trying to cough up a fur ball" in a playoff series that took place between Washington and Cleveland over 30 years ago.

In his "column," Livingston exudes all the confidence of someone writing behind an NBA Champion in trashing the Wizards. Unfortunately, someone forgot to remind him that Cleveland has never won the NBA title. Guess Bill assumes that LeBron and his Witnesses have it in the bag this year, but he's only making an ass out of himself, not you and me.

Then again, you have to feel sorry for old Bill, whose time has clearly passed him as he uses antiquated ZZ Top references, and ending what passes for literature in Cleveland with "D'oh!" (how original).

Even most of his commenters don't seem to like him, one calling Livingston the "Washington Wizards of sports columnists"....ouch. Wait, hey! That's an insult to the Wizards!

In the past, Bill has even taken pleasure in criticizing the "anointed one," for a Saturday Night Live skit. Damn kids and their comedy. You may also remember the grumpy old man from when he compared LeBron to King Arthur in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." The DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg aptly nipped that tomfoolery in the bud.

Nevertheless, the world needs people like bitter Bill. Wait, no we don't. Livingston's stagnant ways are best left basking in the putrid waters of the lake by the mistake.

Kyle Weidie also writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs. He knocks on the Wiz enough as it is, and doesn't need the decrepit bagging on them, too.

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