It May Be Cold in D.C., but Nick Young is Scorching

Accumulating nicknames like they're going out of style (Bean Burrito and Red Rooster anyone?), "Herky Jerk" and "LA Smooth" being the latest, Nick Young might just make the hapless Wizards fun to watch again.

Young's been on an absolute tear, looking more comfortable with the ball in his hands than ever. During this latest four-game stretch, he has thrice set and topped his career high in points, which currently sits at 33.

Totaling 103 points against the Bulls, Bobcats, Bucks and Knicks, the most amazing part of Young's streak is that he's made 43 out of his 60 field goal attempts. Think about that: a whopping 71.6 percent from the field. His eight 3-pointers have accounted for 40 percent of his season total.

Some might assume that Young is just gunning for one of the worst teams in the NBA -- not so. Being susceptible to forcing the issue in the past, he is now letting the game come to him, only committing one turnover during Wednesday's 33-point performance against New York.

Young's diverse offensive skills have put teams on notice, causing changes to defensive game plans just to account for his presence (the Knicks attempted to stop him with the 6'11" Jared Jeffries). 

If anything, Young's a darn good reason to get out of the cold.

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