Tebow: ‘Can't Say For Sure' He'll Say No to Going Pro

Is this Tim Tebow's way of gently warning Gator fans that his time in Gainesville is limited? As in, really limited?

SN: Can you say for sure you'll be back here next year?

TEBOW: I can't say for sure, no.

SN: Is there a lean one way or the other?

TEBOW: Obviously, my lean would be coming back. But if the season ends up going good and I'm blessed to have an opportunity to go play in the NFL pretty early, I think that's something, just trying to be prudent and wise about it, it's something you have to look at. (Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks) Coach (Dan) Mullen and Coach (Urban) Meyer would tell me the exact same thing. You need to be wise and look at it ... because that's the opportunity of a lifetime. It's not only a blessing financially, but it would be a blessing for so many other people because with the money you can make in something like that, you can do so many great things for your communities, for helping people, for my family, for everything. So I think that would be maybe even selfish to say I wouldn't look at it because of all the things that money could do.

As someone who has watched all of Tim Tebow's games this year -- most more than once -- my first reaction is, "Why even worry about the NFL?" Because the Tim Tebow of 2007 is most certainly not the Tebow of 2008.

The former won a Heisman Trophy thanks to his stellar play. the latter looks hesitant, and perhaps nothing more than an "above average" SEC quarterback.

Tim Tebow is a great college player, but as of right now his NFL stock isn't anywhere near where it should be. Focus on beating LSU, big fella.

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