Maryland Player Snarks North Carolina

The Maryland Terrapins haven't lost to the North Carolina Tarheels since 2005-06; seems pretty crazy, no? Of course, regardless of that run, you would think Maryland's players would have snuck into tonight's game against Carolina somewhat humbly, having already run their mouths before getting embarrassed by Duke this year.

They did not though. At least Landon Milborne didn't, anyway. He made sure to point out the streak to the Diamondback, Maryland's student newspaper.

"I've been here for three years, and we haven't lost to North Carolina yet," forward Landon Milbourne said with a slight smirk.

"Sometimes teams go in there - if you're not ranked and [they are] - you might come in there and think, 'We're the underdog, and we have to do certain things differently,'" Milbourne said. "Coach tells us all the time, we don't have to change that much about our game. We just have to play hard. When we play hard, we're pretty tough to beat. If we come out with the intensity we came out with the other night, I think it will be a pretty good game for us."

In fairness to Milborne, the Terps aren't involved in a blowout ... yet. Carolina leads Maryland by double digits with six to go in the second half, but there's probably a bigger issue at stake here: is Gary Williams really in control of his team right now?

Williams is known as a taskmaster, and the fact that he would allow his team to snarkily trash talk the Tarheels before heading to the Dean Dome after Greivis Vasquez' fiasco heading into Cameron is fairly mind boggling. People can state he's not on the hot seat, based on his championship, all they want, but if this team keeps embarrassing itself publicly, it's hard to believe he couldn't land in hot water.

Update: Carolina, in the time it took me to type two paragraphs, have stretched the lead to 21 and look dangerously poised to blow this game out.

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