Hoyas Having Things Go Their Way

You know, some people will say that Georgetown has something magical happening very quietly. Others will say that they are just getting some incredible luck/breaks/calls by the refs that have to go the other way at some point.

I can understand both views, but I'm leaning towards luck issue. Not that it can't carry them pretty far. Not that they the Hoyas didn't put themselves in the position to win those games. Not that Georgetown is a bad team or isn't capable of winning a lot of games in March without getting things to fall their way. It's just that the Big East play has been exceptional in the bounces going Georgetown's way.

Whether it was the block/goaltend call at West Virginia; a last second "foul" that 9 times out of 10 would be a no-call; and now getting a 3-point foul called in the final seconds Georgetown has had the late calls go in their favor.

Arguably, Marquette blew this game by not hitting free throws with 22-36.
Except, that really isn't true.The really poor free throw shooting was in the first half when they were 3-10. At the half, the Golden Eagles led by 4. In the second half they were much better with 16-22 and then 3-4 in OT. Overall, perhaps if they were better in the first half, then Georgetown may not have tied the game, but to claim the poor free throw shooting cost them means only looking at the box score.

The problem for Marquette was that they just couldn't stop Georgetown inside and they went cold in the second half. The Hoyas were 10-12 inside the arc in the second half. Marquette was a hideous 7-27 in the second half. Only the free throw shooting kept Marquette ahead for most of the second half.

The win for Georgetown almost assures that the game on Saturday against Louisville will decide the outright winner of the Big East regular season (assuming Louisville beats DePaul tomorrow). For Marquette, they are likely to finish 5th in the Big East and not receive the coveted first round bye in the Big East Tournament.

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